Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Had A Topic But Forgot It! My Dogs, Instead

I'm going to write on hand palm instead so I don't lose the note.
Damn, I had a decent topic idea for this post but I forgot it already (and I am sober...fuckin' memory...need to start writing things down on my hand, I lose paper notes).

I'll be back...Soon, I will remember it again...

Shitbeans, I never did remember the topic so will instead write about the rest of my nuclear family...My two dogs, Bella and Farris.

Both are rescue dogs from local animal shelters who came w/ the so common problem of separation anxiety.  Bella is 2.5 yr old female, retriever mix (looks/acts like a chessie) and Farris is a 1 yr old male, black lab/boxer mix.  They both have alot of personality.

We take turns being alpha dog/person.  Bella is smart, stubborn, loving and an effective escape artist.  I had a 5' chain link fence installed last spring and she found several ways to escape.  In the fall I figured out a way to Bella-proof it and for free vs some of the $$$ solutions I heard of.  Now, she has dug under once and that was a spot where it was easy so I will have to tweak it this spring....Sneaky fucker.

Farris is alittle mentally challenged in my opinion.  He doesn't respond to training unless I have treats.  (Maybe he is super smart).  He's a lap doggie even tho 70 lbs...Bella is 80 and stocky.  And I am STILL having potty issues w/ this little shit.  But at least he goes on the ceramic bathroom tile.

Both go crazy for like 5 mins. when a guest arrives or when I return home and they play rough.  I try to do the basic training and tips for these problems but they don't react/change like they are suppose too.  (Just like my daughter did while raising her....she didn't follow what the books said).  She is grown, living across the US in Los Angeles, Ca and still ignores me. 

Gotta go and let both my 4 legged monster children outside to play and poop!

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