Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Last Time I Walked the Dogs

My kids dogs love to go on walks and I, guiltily, do not enjoy it.   I feel bad that I don't walk them more.  It is so easy to find an excuse...too cold, too hot, snow on road, raining or my knee is hurting.

(I have been having an issue w/ my left knee and it is starting to restrict my life.  I had xrays and exam and waiting for the results.)

Other day my knee felt somewhat ok and the weather conditions were agreeable so I took both dogs for a walk.  They have gotten alittle wild at walking because we are so rusty at it and they can pull, even w/ pinch collars.

We had walked about 0.5 miles when Bella, my older dog veered to the left which caused Farris to do the same on my other side.  That put Farris crossing in front of me and my feet.  As I tried to straighten both of them out my feet got tangled up in Farris legs.  Because I have a bum knee, my left leg could not move fast enough to regain my balance.

I rapidly fell/dropped to the ground in a tripod form...2 knees and top of head.  I'm glad it was on the grass vs the pavement inches away, I raised my head, I noticed a pile of dog poop.... w/ an indentation!  Yes, my head smashed into the dog shit!

At this point, my knee was aching and I had lost the little desire I had to dog walk.  Therefore, I had to walk home slowly w/ dog shit atop o' the head!

I haven't taken the dogs on a walk since.

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