Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What I Am Doing Today...

(Well I can see this is a real stimulating post.  I'll see if I can salvage it.  I suppose most people would delete it.  What does that say about me?)

Hi There!

As I try to remember the above post topic that I haven't written yet, I'll share w/ you what I am doing on internet while I wait for memory:

*Clipart & Photos..Learning what it is, how to use it, copyrights, etc.

*Went to local convenience store which we call "party store".

*Goofin' around on email & facebook accounts.  I have two of each to add confusion, aid in blogging...A public account.

*In a chat room of a recovery website...Intherooms.com

Still have not remembered the topic from earlier????

Much more to come...
Just drifting along in the big open area of the internet.

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