Monday, February 6, 2012

Hi There! I'm Back!

Ok, after days of exploring, researching and sampling other blogs, I just officially published my first post and am writing my 2nd here.

  What did I find?  Many funny and educational blogs by women and some were from Australia and Canada, in addition to the USA.  I "learned" of Google+, made a new email account on gmail for public use, wordpress (what the hell is it-for tweeting/twitterin'?), Pinterest (that's fun), 2nd Facebook acct for A Mental Manic, visited some of the most popular blogs and more.  Also, I had most of these pages open on my computer at the same time...Like I can multitask well at this time in  my mental health...Well, I tried.

So, w/ Google+ I have people in circles but I don't know what that means.  It's not like I haven't accidently ran people  in circles before.  Pinterest, now that can be fun and inspiring.  It's like old school cutting/rippin' out pics from magazines (I did one page out of a library book before...once) and then pinning them onto a huge corkboard or piles shoved in drawers.

I had to open a few new accounts and make out profiles...What a drag.  What's the difference between username, name and another that I don't remember at the time. And then I kept losing my initial blog attempts, losing pages and other things.  I think I may of started going alittle hypomanic.

Not remembering is so my life right now...Between depression cycle of bi-polar, occasional alcohol abuse, age appropriate and ahhh...something else that I ahhh...don't remember right now, I have a hell of a time w/ memory.  And it drives me wild when I can not remember a word that I know damn well that I know.....Vocabularily challenged that I am (I like to make up words too).  Now part of that problem is because I have worked w/ primarily men for 15 yrs and Yes, they use fewer different words BUT do so.

Wordpress account I will save for later because I do not have a clue about tweeting.

Signing off for now but I will see you again soon!

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  1. Hi There!

    I am commenting on my own posts to practice replying to comments (if I get any in the future)...